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Education & Basic Life Training


Joyful heart is a good medicine


Balance diet & Medical support

Our service tenet is based on these four basic concepts, and we strive to improve children's both body and mind health, and enhance their living ability. This environment allowing them to have the opportunity to play, grow, while cultivating self-confidence and new life values.

Everyone cooperate to sustain a harmonious society. Persatuan Kebajikan Hati Berganda Selangor invoke the public give a helping hands to those who is in need. We welcome contributions and donation, as well as joining us through our volunteer program. With love and positivity, we work together for a brighter future.


和谐的社会,需要众人的力量来维持。“雙心儿童残障福利中心” 呼吁大众,一起伸出援手给有需要的人士。欢迎社会大众的捐助与赞助,以及身体力行加入我们义工行列,以爱心及善念,共同创造一个和谐的社会。

Our center is a new startup, monthly budget is around RM25,000. In the absence of government support, our economic source relies on the support from our members, social workers, institutions and kind people. We need material and financial support from everyone. The following is a list of our daily need items.

中心目前尚属“幼苗”期,每月开销预算约RM25,000,在没有政府支助的情况下,中心的经济来源全靠会员们、爱⼼社工们、各领域服务团体和善⼼⼈士的资助与帮忙,以维持运作。 我们需要大家在物力与金钱上支援我们。以下为基本需要的物质清单。

日常所需 Daily Need

  • Rice 白米
  • Meehoon 米粉
  • Milo 美禄
  • Nestum/Oats Nestum 麦片
  • Milk Powder 牛奶粉
  • Cornflakes 玉米片
  • Condensed Milk 炼乳
  • Jam / Butter 果酱/牛油
  • Biscuits 饼干
  • Eggs 鸡蛋
  • Fresh Milk 鲜牛奶
  • Canned Food 罐头食品
  • Instant Noodles 快熟面
  • Bread 面包
  • Nescafe / Kopi 咖啡
  • Fruit Juice 果汁
  • Cooking Oil 食油
  • Seasoning 调味品

  • Toilet Paper 厕纸
  • Dishwash 洗碗剂
  • Detergent 洗衣液
  • Floor Detergent 地板清洁剂
  • Toothpaste 牙膏
  • Tooth Brush 牙刷
  • Garbage Bag 垃圾袋
  • Dettol 消毒水
  • Bleach 漂白水
  • Gloves 手套
  • Mosquito Spray 蚊油
  • Body Powder 爽身粉
  • Lotion 润肤霜
  • Adult Diaper 成人尿片
  • Wet Tissue 湿纸巾
  • Cool Fever 退热贴

Donation contribution is the most practical aid to non-profit organization. We wish and welcome you to join us. Through the donation, you not only supply them daily needs, but also help to lighten various expenses of our Center: medical/ treatment fee, educational fee, utilities fee, rental fee, transportation fee, staff wages.

捐献对非盈利性质的中心是施援的实际帮助!希望您加入我们,成为关心与守护他们的其中一份子。通过捐献,您不单给予日常所需品,还可以帮助中心减轻每月所必需承担的种种开销,例如: 医药治疗费 — 学术费 — 水电费 — 租金 — 交通费 — 员工薪酬。

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