Located in Batu Caves, Persatuan Kebajikan Hati Berganda Selangor is a non-government and non-profit organization. We provide comprehensive facilities for the socially vulnerable groups, so that they can have a sweat “home” full of joy and love!

位于 Batu Caves, 雙心儿童残障福利中心是一家非政府非盈利的机构。我们提供完善的设施予有需要的弱势群体,好让他们拥有一个充满欢乐笑声,充满爱的天使之“家”!

We have seen plenty of beauty of this world, at the same time we often do hear the faint cries of it too. Life is precious yet fragile, and we believe that life is equal regardless of color or background. Thus, we step forward to take care of them. However, relying on our own ability is a drop in the bucket, we are in great need of social resources, are you willing to lend a helping hand?


慈善献雙心 真情暖一佰