Life is a gift

Some say life is a precious gift from god; some say is from parents. We all have different fate and different path to let us to discover, experience, contribute, receive and influence, that’s compile our very own life story. A tiny seed can grow to be a beautiful flower or opulent fruits, so do the disabled people.

有人说是爸妈赋予我们生命;也有人说是上苍赋予我们生命,但可以肯定的,这是一份最珍贵的礼物!每个人都有着不同的命运,不同的人生道路。从中我们去发掘,去体验,去付出,去感受,去影响,然后编制成属于自己生命的故事。你就是主角!一粒不起眼的种子落在大地上,会开出令人倾心的花儿或丰盛的果实。残障人士的生命亦是如此 - 先天或后天的缺陷虽令人伤感,但往往其中包含着神的美意。

We adopt range of children with mild to severe mental retardation or even bedridden, including autism, spastic paralysis, dementia, Down syndrome, learning slowness , blind children, etc…我们收养了程度各不同的孩子,从轻度,中度,重度智障及卧床程度的孩子个案,其中包括患有自闭症,痉挛性麻痹症,失智症, 唐氏综合症,学习缓慢症,失明等的孩子们。

Care and Love to Everyone

Persatuan Kebajikan Hati Berganda Selangor was established on August 2018. From here on, we began to have a close relationship with children and people with disabilities. Love is spread all over every corner of our center. We provide shelter for those who are physically and mentally deficient (Down’s syndrome, autism, meningitis, hyperactive disorder, etc). In addition to taking care of their dialy meals, we give them personal care, teach them simple daily self-reliance training activities, and a comfortable and clean environment, so that they have a happy home.

雙心儿童残障福利中心成立于 2018年8月份。正式开放是2018年10月份。由此开始我们与有需要的儿童及残障人士结下不解之缘。爱,满满地散播在我们中心的每个角落。我们提供收养身心智有缺陷的孩子(唐氏综合症、自闭症、脑膜炎、活跃症以及各种因素所引起的脑功能问题等等),为爱进行庇护工作。除了照顾他们的三餐温饱,我们更给予贴身的看顾,教导他们简单的日常自立训练活动,和舒适与干净的环境,使他们有一个充满纯真欢笑的幸福之“家”。

Every love light up every heart

We are a non-profit organization. We uphold the spirit of love, committed to providing comprehensive benefits for children and disabled who need special care, regardless of race, religion or background. We help to provide free accommodation and maximum care for children from families with financial difficulties. At present, our center has already accommodated 10 disabled people and children, and the number is still increasing. Our center can accommodate 20 people. And our center’s economic source relies on the support from our members, social workers, groups and institutions and kind people to maintain the operation of the center.

Brighter Future Together

Your help will give them more power and hope! Your care will make them cheers! We hereby invite you to support our Center. Take care into action, donate to consolidate the center’s huge monthly economic resources, with a bless to them. Further, we hope you can help sharing with more people, and we welcome your visit. We believe in love, we believe in hope. We believe that the light of hope is on you and me. We need your help and support to spread the story and needs of our center to more people. Dedicated the power of your love to the disabled!


慈善献雙心 真情暖一佰